About OVGA


The Office of the Victorian Government Architect (OVGA) is a leader in enhancing the quality of built environments in Victoria.

OVGA provides leadership and strategic advice to government about architecture and urban design and promotes an awareness about how good design can make great living places and urban environments.

Victoria has a global reputation for design excellence in the built environment and this is extended and enriched through the government's support of high quality design outcomes.

We believe good design is essential for a sustainable, inclusive, healthy and beautiful environment that is accessible to everyone.

Our aim is to encourage high quality buildings and public spaces that:

  • are engaging, diverse and inclusive
  • are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable
  • promote confidence and wellbeing in the community and
  • are culturally rich and poetic

The Office of the Victorian Government Architect has two key purposes, to provide advice and advocacy.


  • OVGA provides strategic advice to government about architecture and urban design.
  • OVGA offers a critical understanding of building design to government ministers and departments.


  • OVGA promotes an awareness of the importance of good design including the process of making great places and sustainable urban environments.
  • Our experience in making architecture and urban design enables us to assist the Victorian Government to achieve better built environment outcomes.

Find out more about best practice in the Victorian construction, design and development sectors and the value of good design with Geoffrey London, former Victorian Government Architect.

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