Transport infrastructure recognised at the Victorian Architecture Awards 2019


From rest areas and bridges to new train stations, several notable transport infrastructure projects were acknowledged in the Award categories for Urban Design and Public Architecture in recognition of their role in shaping urban and regional environments.  Awards to level crossing removals reinforced the public domain benefits associated with elevating rail in a growing city.

‘Regardless of the scale and scope of the project, it is always quality and longevity that determine the extent of the transformative impact architecture can have on people’s lives. Engendering positive social outcomes through architecture is increasingly important for the well-being of our communities,’ said AIA Victorian Chapter President Amy Muir.

The OVGA collaborated closely with the Level Crossing Removal Project, VicRoads and Major Road Projects Victoria throughout the lifecycle of these projects to embed design quality in the process.  The OVGA congratulate the project teams for their commitment to great design outcomes.  

Architecture Award for Small Project Architecture

Jock Comini Reserve Amenities by Kerstin Thompson Architects

toilets 2

Jack Comini Reserve Amenities. Photograph by Kerstin Thompson

The OVGA was a member of an Urban Design Panel involved in the short list design competition phase and provided ongoing advice through the construction phases for this rest area located in a culturally and environmentally sensitive site.

Congratulations to Kerstin Thompson Architects with support from the VicRoads Urban Design team and the Client, VicRoads Northern Region, Bendigo.

Commendation for Urban Design

Swan Street Bridge Upgrade by BKK Architects with McGregor Coxall and Relume


Swan Street Bridge. Photograph by John Gollings.

The OVGA collaborated with VicRoads to short list urban design teams to participate in a design competition for Swan Street bridge widening works and associated public realm. The office provided ongoing advice throughout the design and construction phases to ensure high quality design was embedded for all structural, architectural and landscape elements at this prominent site.

Congratulations to BKK Architects with McGregor Coxall and Relume who worked closely in a multidisciplinary team with the Client.


Commendation for Urban Design and Commendation for Public Architecture

Rosanna Station - Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) by MGS Architects and Jacobs Architects


Rosanna Station. Photograph by Latrielle Architectural Photography.

The OVGA chair the LXRP Urban Design Advisory Panel to provide governance and stewardship for achievement of the principles, objectives and measures articulated in the Urban Design Framework.

Congratulations to MGS Architects and Jacobs Architects and Outlines Landscape Architects.


Architecture award for public architecture

Commendation for Urban Design

Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal by Cox Architect with ASPECT Studios


Caulfield to Dandenong railway corridor. Photograph by Peter Clarke.

The OVGA chaired the Urban Design Review Panel for the project providing advocacy and advice during design and delivery of the project. The OVGA was also a member of the Community Open Space Expert Panel established to guide development of the design of the open space below the elevated rail between Caulfield and Dandenong.

Congratulations to Cox Architecture with ASPECT Studios.

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