The Case for Good Design



Our everyday lives are touched by the spaces and places that surround us. The quality of these places – our buildings, streets, parks – impacts our interactions, understandings and memories.

‘The Case for Good Design: A guide for government’ compiles recent research and evidence showing how design affects us. Through local and international case studies, the guide demonstrates the real impact of design decisions in our built environment. The document shows good design to be a valid, even an imperative, ambition in public projects.

Findings highlight the importance of embedding design quality in every stage of a project’s lifecycle to inform decision-making across a selection of building types. The guide is intended as a work-in-progress with further evidence added as it emerges, circulating awareness of current best practice in design.


You can access the Case for Good Design here or as specific typologies below:

Education - Case for Good Design

Healthcare - Case for Good Design

Housing - Case for Good Design

Justice - Case for Good Design

Transport - Case for Good Design

Urban Design - Case for Good Design

Workplace - Case for Good Design

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