Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts

Heritage Architect

Kim Roberts is a registered architect and heritage professional who has been active in architectural design, history and theory education throughout her career.

Kim has extensive experience in architectural conservation, adaptive design and the development and implementation of policy for the management of heritage places and portfolios. She is well versed in working collaboratively with designers and asset managers to achieve high quality architectural and heritage outcomes in both the public and private sectors.

Kim has continued to pursue academic research alongside her professional practice. She has presented this work at a number of conferences nationally and internationally and published several book chapters.

Her current PhD research investigates the ways in which the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (designed by Kenzo Tange between 1949-55) is physically and conceptually navigated by foreign visitors. This work draws on an interdisciplinary background that spans literature, cultural studies and philosophy as well as architecture and heritage. It reflects a strong interest in modern and post-war urban landscapes and complex heritage places shaped by diverse spatial stories.

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