David Dreadon

David Dreadon

Landscape Architect + Urban Designer

David has been practicing landscape architecture and urban design for twenty five years across a variety of sectors, including state government, local council, small practice and multi-disciplinary consultancies. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand and France on a range of urban infrastructure projects, as well as assisting with tourism and residential projects in North Africa, China and Vietnam. This experience has given David a broad outlook on how urban development can contribute to overall amenity and community development, and also an understanding of the wide range of opinions and approaches that exist for various facilities, including the integration of the natural and built environments with social, community and economic expectations.

In 2007, David participated in a study tour to France that looked at how transport programs, particularly trams and light rail, are used as a catalyst for urban renewal.

Subsequently, David has developed a strong interest in the relationship between transport planning and urban character. This includes how the landscape of our streets can impact on neighbourhood amenity and the social cohesion of the communities we work with.

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