Andrew Mackenzie

Andrew Mackenzie

Architectural Advisor and Writer

Andrew Mackenzie has been a writer, curator, editor and publisher on art and architecture for over twenty years. After a brief period as an artist in the 80's, he took a detour through public art to architecture. He was the Gallery Director at the Architectural Association Gallery UK from 1995-2000, before moving to Australia to become editor of Architectural Review Australia (AR).

He remained at AR for nine years, before partnering with Mat Ward to publish books on architecture under the imprint URO. He writes on architecture for the Australian Financial Review, the Saturday Newspaper.

He is director of the architectural consultancy City Lab, which provides advice in relation to design competitions and other forms of competitive design services procurement. He has been a board member of Architecture Without Borders for seven years and was a Creative Director of the 2015 Australian Institute of Architect's National Conference entitled RISK, as well as a contributing editor of Architecture Australia from 2010-16. 

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