Watch This Place: Melbourne Design Week


The Office of the Victorian Government Architect hosted the event 'Watch This Place' on Saturday 18th March, as part of Melbourne Design Week. Melbourne Design Week is an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV. Experts from the Victorian Design Review Panel, along with the Victorian Government Architect, Jill Garner, presented their propositions for the future of Melbourne's built environment.

These presentations were complimented by amazing illustrations from graphic artist Jessamy Gee, which can be found below. 

An audio recording of Jill's introduction is available here External link, with all presentations available as an audio playlist here External link 


IMG 0348_600px_wide

(Photo: Tobias Titz)



Jill Garner - The Value of Investing in Delightful Infrastructure (PDF) (Audio) External link

Steve Thorne - A New Idea of Sustainable Places (PDF) (Audio) External link

Tracey Avery - Cradle-to-Cradle Architecture: Historic Models to Inspire Regenerative Living (Audio) External link


Mike Scott - Public Art & Place Identity (PDF) (Audio) External link

Donald Bates - Fresh Blood (Audio) External link

Rob McGauran - Homelessness and Home (PDF) (Audio) External link

Dr Gerard Healey - Using "Places" as Living Laboratories (PDF) (Audio) External link

Michael Walker - Design for Diversity (PDF) (Audio) External link

Kirsten Bauer - Living Infrastructure (Audio) External link


Jeffrey Robinson - Getting What You Paid For (PDF) (Audio) External link

Cameron Ritter - Polycities for Victoria (PDF) (Audio) External link

David Dreadon - Landscape Amenity and Urban Housing Density (PDF) (Audio) External link


IMG 0354_600px_wide


(Photo: Tobias Titz)


IMG 0344_600px_wide

(Photo: Tobias Titz)

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